About the Trial

An investigational product used in a minimally invasive procedure to help reduce blood pressure is now being studied. Patients with high blood pressure that is not well controlled despite taking antihypertensive medications might qualify to participate in the TARGET BP I Clinical Trial.


The TARGET BP I Clinical Trial is evaluating the investigational Peregrine System™ Kit which is used in a minimally invasive procedure with the goal of reducing blood pressure by deactivating specific nerves surrounding the renal (kidney) arteries that, through over-signaling, can contribute to high blood pressure. Patients will continue taking anti-hypertensive medications during the trial.


The procedure is performed under mild sedation. The Peregrine Catheter will be advanced through a small incision in the groin and guided up to the renal arteries using angiography (like an X- ray). The system is designed to deliver a small dose of Ablative Solutions medical alcohol to the region just outside the artery, where these sympathetic nerves are located, to deactivate their over-signaling.

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